International Association of Designers

IAD is a worldwide organization of leading designers, artists, architects, illustrators, photographers as well as large enterprises and innovators that encourages philanthropy in design practice. The motto of the IAD is Good Design for a Greater Future. IAD is not a nonprofit association, rather it has been perceived as an international, non-governmental, non-partisan, independent, private club that offers benefits to its members who share the common missions and goals of the organization.

IThe Mission of IAD is to promote philantrophic, social, ethical and empathic design practices and principles, to help its members communicate their values clearly and transparently to public.

AThe Vision of IAD is a better World where philantrophic, social, ethical and empathic design practices and principles become commonplace and help create value for our society and environment.

DThe Action of IAD is to create new tools, services and products that enable philantrophic, social, ethical and empathic design practices and principles to reach their highest, long lasting potential.

IAD was founded to promote and enable philantrophic, social, ethical and empathic business practices and principles through worldwide initatives and programmes such as the Designer of the Year program, World Design Days and others events that are aimed at promoting good design and good designers.


IAD is a worldwide organization of leading designers, artists, architects, creatives, illustrators, photographers, carftsman and creative businesses that encourages philanthropy in design practices.

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The IAD member index lists all the professionals that are member of the IAD worldwide. Please click on a country name in order to zoom in and see a list of IAD members in that country.

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The IAD Events list is a portal to important industry-related events from all around the globe. Please kindly be reminded that events listed below are for informational purposes and are not necessarily endorsed or organized by IAD. .

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IAD Membership applications are open for both Executive and Member Branch of the IAD. Visit IAD Membership page to learn more about IAD membership branches and membership application procedure.

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There are three ways to reach IAD news, first you could subscribe to IAD newsletter, and second you could access the IAD forum, and finally for major news from the IAD, you could keep up with our posts and press releases.

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Take part in a great dialogue platform regarding arts, architecture, design and creativity. Login to view private or public IAD forums to get updated about best practices in the industry, access tenders, knowhow and discussions regarding the profession.

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Every year, IAD organizes the Innovator of the Year Awards, an initiative to support philantrophic organizations who empower mankind through innovations in design, research and development. Applications are open for all IAD members.

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We are pleased to present you with our latest members and their outstanding work. You can rely our members for their excellent work ethics, honest and fair business practices and most decent business practices.