Natalya Bilousova

Natalia is a designer from a small Ukrainian city on the Sea of Azov. She specializes in designing brand identity, labels and packaging. She developed complex projects that favorably represented the business of clients . She is actively engaged in delivering workshops on design for people who want to improve their skills in presentation texts, provide simple design solution for their businesses and make visuals for social media. Natalie takes part in arranging workshops with invited experts for the Berdyansk community. Although she likes designing logos and brand identity she is also in love with lettering and creating hand-made jewelers
Paper Packaging by Natalya Bilousova

Tsarsky Reserve Paper Packaging by Natalya Bilousova The aim of package for frozen semi-finished products is to create a catchy image of a brand avoiding traditional visual for food being on a plate. The pattern based solution has been chosen as the one that makes the eyes of a consumer already enjoy the food. The colors which are used for representing are definitely recognizable among the line other food designs. In addition, the simplicity of forms in this design underlines the contemporary approach and simultaneously highlights the idea of universality. As the result, this design makes the product easy to like for various viewers

Contact Info

Natalya Bilousova
29a Pershotravnevastr, apt 10
P: +380509725267

Natalya Bilousova is IAD member since 2021, with 2029 IAD rating.
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