Oleksii Chernov

Hi, my name is Oleksii, but you can call me Alex.
I,m Art director with 5 years experience. My major branches — web and branding.

my main idea is design is not creativity. Any design needs a deep analysis and understanding of the client’s business - this is what I do. In my work I often use Psychology, Psychology of color, psychogeometry. Because, creativity is not just a beautiful picture. This is when the picture also works for the client. I think we have something to discuss with you.
Brand by Oleksii Chernov

Pride Brand by Oleksii Chernov To create the design of the brand Pride, the team used the study of the target audience in several ways. When the team did the design of the logo and corporate identity, it took into account the rules of psycho-geometry - the influence of geometric forms on certain psycho-types of people and their choice. Also, the design should have caused certain emotions among the audience. In order to achieve the desired result, the team used the rules of the effect of color on a person. in general, the result has influenced the design of all products of the company.

Contact Info

Oleksii Chernov
P: +380954244155

Oleksii Chernov is IAD member since 2019, with 2034 IAD rating.
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