Tiger Pan

Tiger Pan is a contemporary, estimable packaging designer, and is recognized in the industry as the“craftsman” with both aesthetic spirit and business value. With his own characters and a restricted quantity of products, he only produces 10 designs annually but receives the most awards in the industry.
He is constantly studying and exploring in the field of aesthetics and is also a guest professor at 9 Chinese universities.
Leisure Food by TIGER PAN

Hao Xiang Ni Leisure Food by TIGER PAN The designer redefines Hao Xiang Ni, a kind of Chinese red date with the best taste at 28℃ by exploiting Cardio-id, which is a heart-like form introduced from a romantic story of Descartes and a Swiss princess in the package design. The mysterious heart-shape graph is symbolized, which means every single jujube represents a heart. The poetry illustrations reinterpret the brand tone of Hao Xiang Ni, which endows it with elegance and romance. The package is humanized to some extent in the case, which makes the product even more attractive when sold online.

Skincare Essence by TIGER PAN

Frangi Skincare Essence by TIGER PAN The glass bottle of minimalist style is matched with a light golden cap of iris. The flower is shining and sparkling in the middle of the crystal acrylic cylinder. Iris is a spiritual symbol of the enterprise, and the designer tries to keep the figure concrete so as to maximize the value of the brand. The designer creates the figure inside the cap based on the three petals, calyxes, and stigmatic lips in each flower, and piles them up into a tridimensional model in a decussate way. The cap of the bottle makes the whole package an artistic creation.

Beverage by TIGER PAN

Wanglaoji Black Herbal Tea Beverage by TIGER PAN WANGLAOJI’s Black Herbal Tea is known to many in China through the packaging designer after he posted the design on his social media. The graphic design depicts the networked lifestyle of most young people, presenting interesting scenes and playthings from their daily life. The packing box is designed into a hexagonal prism with a storage of 12 bottles. The special model will distribute the carrying weight by the handle of thick and wide paper, which will stimulate people to consume and share the product. And the colorful black is not only arresting but also creative and innovative.

Beverage  by TIGER PAN

Wanglaoji Recipe 1828 Beverage by TIGER PAN WANGLAOJI is about a true story where people in the old times practicing medicine and curing the sick in the southern China. Herbal tea does not function like normal medicine there and people consume it more like it is a daily-consuming healthy beverage. The designer employs the traditional artistry of Chinese serial pictures to reveal the ancient and mysterious world of Chinese medicine. The red paper of tinfoil covered on the top of the bottle helps to maintain the sanitation when people tastes the tea, which is somehow succeeded from the old times.


Snow Breweries-Jiang Xin Ying Zao Beer by TIGER PAN Main part of the glass bottle are traditional Chinese window frames carved in relief. They adopt an old technique named “Bubujin” to forge those frames, which imply the meanings of a promising career and a bright future. The 4 Chinese characters of Jiang Xin Ying Zao are embedded subtly into the frames in a vertical order. As so they found out a standpoint to design it, which is ingenuity is no longer showed off and only the perfection of every single detail is kept, which is exactly the extreme expression of the name.


Snow Breweries-Ying Xiong Pu Beer by TIGER PAN The design is based on traditional Peking Opera of China with a separation in characters by gender. They shape a hero named “Bawang” and a heroine called “Daomadan”, who play jointly in the heroic packaging opera so as to convey a sense of equality between the sexes. And they skillfully use the elements of ingredients of beer, hops and wheat when illustrating the exquisite headwear with the attempt to express the inextricable connection between drinking culture and heroic spirit as a historical fact and also a reality in modern society.


Snow Breweries-Snow Beer Beer by TIGER PAN The product name of Snow Beer suggests the feeling of cool and icy. To symbolize it into a pattern, the designer created a hexogonal emblem through illustrating a snowy world, which is elaborated with the method of joint-use of graph. The designer depicts sport, travel, and nature so consumers will be impressed with the association and memory about snow. At the lower part, the mosaic process of a poetic scene, “Snow falls in Changan”, accomplishes the graphic design, which is both detailed and panoptic.

Beverage  by TIGER PAN

Kisseal Beverage by TIGER PAN The name of Kisseal is from a pop song and every single letter is symbolized in the artwork into flowing shapes just like the aroma of coffee.The illustration of the bottle is from 2 famous artists, Marco & Stefano, twin bothers from Turin Italy.It is believed that the inspiration comes from stained glass window of churches and the style is Pop Art, which endows the package with a high identifiability and a strong feeling of aesthetics. The designer makes a perfect adjustment of the illustration for the package. As such, the pop graphic design builds up a young and entertaining brand image.

Gifted Box by TIGER PAN

Bestore Gifted Box by TIGER PAN Anything with a cultural background is not easy to be innovated.The designer achieved a good result of turning a traditional ancient Chinese gifted box into a modern one. The LOGO formed of zodiac animals and the multifunctional layers are quite amazing. The Box is a very exquisite embodiment of some symbolic elements of Chinese culture. It is designed into a very precious and delicate retro one, making it quite eye-catching. As a gifted box, consumers are more likely to buy this box with the stylish packaging design.


Snow Lion Beer Beer by TIGER PAN Snow Beer is a top-ranking brewery brand in China. Through global mergers and acquisitions, and its own solid and rapid development of course, the client is now a focus of attention in Chinese alcohol market. As, even with a good quality, its previous products are mostly sold with a fair price, Snow Beer now decides to extend its high-end product line. This new product is a premium Weissbier, aka white beer.


Snow Beer: Marrs Green Beer by TIGER PAN Brewers who seize the summer market are more likely to win the game. This case, pretty obviously, is designed for summertime. The special color tone of Marrs Green attracts people's attention instantly. The portrait of the snowy scene conveys a cool and refreshing feeling and builds a mental connection to winter, cooling consumers mind. The design is highly presentable with a modern and minimalist style.

Fine Brandy by TIGER PAN

Changyu Legend Fine Brandy by TIGER PAN Changyu is a top-ranking well-known winery brand in China. Even though brandy belongs to its secondary product line, the client is still the leading domestic brandy producer with profound influence and a long-lasting reputation since last century. We are entrusted to rebuild the whole branding image and reshape the product line so that the price of certain products can be upgraded with production cost and modern consumption phycology, where consumers no longer look for cheaper price.

Brandy by TIGER PAN

Changyu CS Brandy by TIGER PAN Changyu is a prestigious winery brand in China with history of over 120 years. Changyu Cellar Storage is a new series of its brandy products. We extracted a main visual element from the brand’s founder, Mr. Zhang Bishi, into an eye-catching capital letter of Z on the bottle, which stands for both the founder and the brand, uniquely featuring its insight of history.

Black Tea by TIGER PAN

2000 meters Black Tea by TIGER PAN Although each product belongs to different level, the whole series of black tea makes consumers feel the same brand concept with different design language. Different material, size and shape in each series of package shows a statement of professionalism. Black and red as the main color of product and embellish a bit white, illustration such as old tree, brush, jasmine, all there details make this series looks exquisite and delicate. At the same time, octagon shape as the core symbol, makes the whole series looks exactly like a family.

Sesame Oil by TIGER PAN

Luhua Xiaomo Sesame Oil by TIGER PAN In 1980s, People wrapped snacks and seasoning stuff with newspaper. It was a period when food was not always available yet precious. Luhua Group is the biggest sesame oil producer. Different from normal sesame oil, the grinding sesame oil is hand-making, with less output but much more fragrant.With this widely consumed product, Luhua not only upgrades its own branding image, but also draws common people's attention to aesthetic orientation in consumption activities.

Skin Care Series by TIGER PAN

Frangi Premium Skin Care Series by TIGER PAN The solution of how to balance the general character and individuality between 5 different products in this series in quite interesting. Iris presented in each product of FRANGI as the core element, which improved the whole packaging quality and user experience with no extra expense on transportation and production. The vertical stripes which simulated plants stalk as the independent identity of this new series. With different materials, the whole series gave a vivid and unified appearance.

Yellow Rice Wine by TIGER PAN

Wen Niang Yellow Rice Wine by TIGER PAN The whole glass bottle designed with an elegant curve. A spreading crane covers over 320 degree of bottle and all details is perfect which endows the wine with life and soul. Crane possesses a lofty position in oriental culture. The glass material differentiates the wine from its competitive brands, who are normally packed in ceramics. Through a modern package of the old wine, the package successfully drawn the young's attention and spread the Chinese culture of crane.

Sugar-free Sparkling Water by TIGER PAN

Jianlibao Wepop Sugar-free Sparkling Water by TIGER PAN The pixelate effect typeface is the most interesting detail on this bottle. Characters are split out and designed separately, each stroke standing for a different building block, in which pop art is endowed with childish fun. The flexibilities of pixels or building blocks will provide a wide range of applications and combinations. Building blocks and pixels are important graphics representing methods. This kind of illustration may help this product to achieve more effective communication with young consumers.

Series Snacks Gifts Box by TIGER PAN

Bestore Handy Gift Series Snacks Gifts Box by TIGER PAN Victory can not be achieved by an individual. Bestore is snacks brand of the most types and units, whose standard products mounts to over 1000. Bestore Handy Gifts is a non-standard products series, which is launched to enrich the categories and improve competitiveness. To attract female consumers, the gift boxes are covered with a special paper belt, covering a message of health and profession and therefore low-calories and no fat-trigger.

Instant Tea Essence by TIGER PAN

ZhuoQing Instant Tea Essence by TIGER PAN Pu'er tea has always been brewed using raw leaves for more than thousands of years. It looks like by extracted through tedious processes, ZhuoQing's Pu'er can be complete dissolution in water with no residue. The pull-out carton of the ZhuoQing package can be extracted and held using one hand, which looks like a cigarette case. The box maximizes portability while simplifying the drinking way. The embroidered decorations of Pu'er birthplace-Yunnan, serve the purpose of preserving the awe for Pu'er's planting history and the awe for tea ceremony, recreating the authentic tea working scenes.

Package Reuse Solution by TIGER PAN

Solar Media Package Reuse Solution by TIGER PAN Solar Media is a solar-energized equipment for both lighting and video-playing. It is produced majorly for Africa and for those in dire poverty. It brings illumination to people, spreading life skills and knowledge of disease prevention and treatment. The idea of making full use of all material makes the package more useful. The corrugated paper for partition inside the box can turn into a coat hanger with simple folding. Transportation fulfilled, the outer box will naturally be used as a drawer. Every 6 boxes can be fold easily into a wardrobe or a cupboard, or to store anything.

Zodiac Ox Edition by TIGER PAN

Niulanshan Zodiac Ox Edition by TIGER PAN Chinese have lots of love for Zodiac. In Chinese Lunar Year, 2021 is the year of Ox. As one of China's leading liquor brands, Niulanshan has begun planning the launch of Year of the Ox limited edition in mid 2020. Not only the Ox Year carries weight to the brand, but also with NIU meaning "Ox". The blade-sliced straight line of the bottle body conveys the tough carcass and the uncompromising character of an Ox. The top's shaped as an Ox horn, and also like a bullring. By extending the last stroke specifically, implies the Chinese meaning of "Niu (a slang for 'awesome') till the end".

White Beer by TIGER PAN

Tsingtao White Beer by TIGER PAN By adjusting the typeface, the Tsingtao logo has been upgraded, adding elements like a cast matching with a gold and wooden texture. A family-crest-like totem is created, offering an authentic historical touch. The illustration is recreated from a Gold Certificate won by Tsingtao from the 1906s Beer Championship in Munich; composed of lilacs, wheat, butterflies, beer barrels and the goddess Hestia; from afar, sits the Tsingtao factory, museum, brewing masters in carriages and another goddess.

Chinese Baijiu Packaging by TIGER PAN

Fenjiu Reborn Chinese Baijiu Packaging by TIGER PAN Their design inspired by that breathtaking moment and captured the curves with a glass convex technique. The wine bottle is wrapped and hidden within translucent papers, then sealed with a Chinese apricot blossom knot. The hazy texture resembles the ambiguous relationship between light and shadow through glass, like a curtain of trickling raindrops; might even be able to sense its underlying burst of fragrance.

Massage Device by TIGER PAN

Circle Unfulfilled Massage Device by TIGER PAN Their design to protect the product to a fullest extent, while the empty space is cutting down effectively. A kind of recycled material named SupraPulp, made from begass, is used in the making the pack. In this way, without extra processing, the package will be degraded in 45-90 days and then enter the loop. The outer instruction will soften the overall feeling of the product, implying the temperate pressing of masseur's.

Packaging by TIGER PAN

Lineage de La Foliole Packaging by TIGER PAN Ancient Chinese used a leaf to perceive the world, like seeing a World in a Grain of Sand, and a Heaven in a Wild Flower (Blake, W. 1968 Auguries of Innocence). Referencing from the process of extracting the treasure from big Pu'er tea leaves, they designed a tea leaf-shaped icon with granular texture, along with aesthetics, also explaining the product attributes. With minimal design elements, the product shall pop amongst the tea market’s overly complex designs.

Commonweal Poster by TIGER PAN

Success Long Run Commonweal Poster by TIGER PAN Their design used just one poster, presented both horizontally and vertically, which are adapted to the two display methods in English and Chinese language, whilst expressing the same semantics. The distinct red ribbon is an ingenious connection between the English quote, road ahead IS (long) and hard and the Chinese quote, dao zu qie (chang).

Plum Packaging by TIGER PAN

Liuliu Mei Plum Packaging by TIGER PAN Their design picture adopted the painting style of Ukiyoe in the middle period of Edo Era, depicted the daily life of appreciating plums, picking plums, cooking plums and tasting plums. What's more interesting, they blended the plum core wasted during the process of cooking plums with the material of paper pulp, to produce the spoons and caps of the product. In the process of using, full of sense of ritual, people can open the bottle, scoop out a plum, put it on the saucer (the cap), and then enjoy the delicious plum.

Liquid Soap by TIGER PAN

Shanghai Yaozao Liquid Soap by TIGER PAN When materials were extremely scarce around the beginning of the last century, Shanghai Medical Soap gave birth to China's first specialty soap. A mixed decorative styled pattern runs through the entire body, including the bottle pump and bottle sticker. Through combining different materials, they managed to reflect a hazy and ambiguous tone, exactly the result they wanted to achieve, the bustling and fragmented memory of Shanghai. Nonetheless, it also derives the product's anti-slip function once held in hand.

Wine Packaging by TIGER PAN

Great Wall No.9 Wine Packaging by TIGER PAN Their design ombined with modern abstract design language, forming the wine labels with different leveled bumps and specific cutouts, they present the Great Wall in its most majestic form, highly recognizable from afar. How to save consumer’s effort to look for an ideal product is the key challenge of this case. An explicit layout of info and a unitive serial system of package will help Wellmind to solve the problem, where consumers are able to recognize and pick up the products from far away.

Packaging by TIGER PAN

Shuanghui Rebrand Packaging by TIGER PAN Their design retain the original design elements as much as possible, and use geometric graphics instead of pixelated methods to enhance the transmission efficiency of the product over longer distances. The products presenting in different angles and different combinations are summarized as different types of rounded graphics, to distinguish the feelings brought by different taste products.

Sunflower Seeds Packaging by TIGER PAN

Sunboy Gift Box Sunflower Seeds Packaging by TIGER PAN Their design retain the original design elements as much as possible, and use geometric graphics instead of pixelated methods to enhance the transmission efficiency of the product over longer distances. Starting from the brand name, a vivid, interesting, and well-known logo is created. The packaging picture uses a paper-cut style to depict the Sunboy running happily in the sunflower field.

Mineral Water Packaging by TIGER PAN

C Cell Vitality Mineral Water Packaging by TIGER PAN Their design the natural texture is summarized into an orderly three-dimensional composition relationship between convex and concave, which is presented on the bottle body. A particularly soft touch increases the friction and improves the stability of the hand-holding. The stability of the structure allows they to use thinner PET materials, saving costs and reducing the use of plastic materials.

Liquor Packaging by TIGER PAN

Fenjiu National Gifts Liquor Packaging by TIGER PAN Their design inspired by one of China's four most iconic inventions, movable type printing as a design element, it draws on the Chinese philosopher Confucius' philosophy in which it's a pleasure to have friends from afar more than 2,500 years ago. To assure the effect, well-chosen frosted acrylic, matte glass and PE are used to packed different products. The details are exquisite as well.

Instant Noodles Packaging by TIGER PAN

Ramen Fan Instant Noodles Packaging by TIGER PAN Their design use gold stamping to print the lines and selected elements. Different textures of stamping will enrich the overall presentation of the packages and refine with more detailed feeling. The lucky cat, which is the common language of the Asia-Pacific region, is designed into an adorkable IP image; the shop sign style font design, the favorite color of the Chinese people, and more energetic product image on the premise of maintaining a consistent consumer memory.

Chinese Baijiu Packaging by TIGER PAN

Jiugui Cave Storage Chinese Baijiu Packaging by TIGER PAN They chose to keep the original shape of the bottle, whose neck is rounded with rope, yet material is changed from porcelain to glass. Drawn in ancient Chinese way, a mountain is carved on the bottom to elaborate visually the concept of cave storage. Chinese Miao Minority has been storing alcohol in that way for a long time. With two emphases highlighted, the bottle is left clean and transparent, with the number 6 embedded.

Chinese Baijiu Packaging by TIGER PAN

Strong Tiger Chinese Baijiu Packaging by TIGER PAN Their design on escaping from old-fashioned realism, using a more modern abstract design. The sharp straight line of the bottle body, sliced by blade. Regarding the brand design, they removed everything except for the most important calligraphy font Niu (Ox). Extending the last stroke emphasizes the Chinese meaning of Niu (a slang for awesome) till the end.

Skin Care Essence Packaging by TIGER PAN

Plant Doctor Skin Care Essence Packaging by TIGER PAN Their design overall presentation of the packages and refine with more detailed feeling. Using the simplest color to strike into one's soul, with bright gold mountain shaped metal fittings. Through the light refraction of the material, it creates a hazy effect, presenting a dreamy blue and gold visual, the whole series gave a vivid and unified appearance.

Whisky Packaging by TIGER PAN

Loch Lomond Whisky Packaging by TIGER PAN The logo design consists of a deer, a goddess, and ripples in negative space form. The graceful and imaginative profile of the goddess of Loch Lomond hides within the negative shape on the back of the deer; from the deer antlers to the ripples, it resembles the waving surface of Loch Lomond. The sun radiates from the center, concisely exuding light rays. Mysterious and full of romantic imagination, a young and passionate deer flying towards the sun with courage, embodying both static and dynamic beauty, embellished as the finishing touch in the design.

White Beer Packaging by TIGER PAN

Nikasi White Beer Packaging by TIGER PAN This unique Chinese beer which represents Tsingtao beer, Nikasi successfully attracts the jurors' attention not only by the elegant label design but also stands out with a different carved bottle. The thickness of a beer bottle is quite limited. The designer carved the bottle with an incredible patient and pleasing aesthetic, then made this ancient Sumer Wine Goddess,who is first goddess of brewery in human history, reborn vividly in this brand new high-end Chinese beer.

Packaging by TIGER PAN

Jxb Probiotics Packaging by TIGER PAN Inspired by a little spaceman looking upon the starry sky carries out the responsibility to guard people's body. The reused pulp material is used to make the outer pack and the smallest single units can be reused. Through the guardian shape, a caring personality of the brand is shaped and a sense of scientific expertise is fully conveyed.

Drinking Water by TIGER PAN

Liang Bai Kai Drinking Water by TIGER PAN The main function of the bottle is to contain cool-down boiled water (Meaning Liang Bai Kai). What comes next is the label-less bottle contains and shares with the consumers an important part of ancient Chinese art. The inspiration is from the national treasury artwork of the Riverside Scene from Tsingming made in the Song dynasty over 1000 years ago.

Collagen Product by TIGER PAN

Yep Collagen Product by TIGER PAN Yep uses products with beauty and content to convey the attitude of sweet life and cool work to young and energetic people and fashionable and cutting-edge women with attitudes. The shape of the outer box is a triangle, which means the stability and powerful power of the product and consumer women. The pink and elastic logo conveys the touch of youthful vitality and seeks the balance between trust and fashion.

Lipstick by TIGER PAN

Freeze into Fragment of Time Lipstick by TIGER PAN Carslan's goal is to develop a pioneering lipstick. The hourglass of time is the main inspiration of the design. The ice image of frozen hourglass can help women maintain beauty and elegance at any age to convey the export red. The whole package is formed by irregular multi-surface scale, so that the weakest light can also be reflected into highlights. Express the idea that all women with different personalities and values should be respected.

The Maker of Chinese Baijiu by TIGER PAN

Dukang Liquor The Maker of Chinese Baijiu by TIGER PAN The wine bottle was molded from top to bottom into the image of Chinese famous historical figure Cao Cao. The lid is carved into the shape of Cao Cao's hat, which exchanges the romance of the Three Kingdoms contains ancient poems and novels about Du Kang and Cao Cao immediately. The exquisite painting of the outer box, illustrated the ancient capital Luoyang, which is also strengthened the lingering charm of Chinese history.

Maojian Tea by TIGER PAN

Zhong Yuan No 1 Maojian Tea by TIGER PAN Maojian tea is a special kind of traditional Chinese tea and Zhong Yuan No1 is a leading brand for this kind. As the tea grows in terraced fields and its flavor is lighter and milder than usual tea, the package is made into a more implicative and sophisticated one. Inside the paper structure, the two cans are shaped into a symmetrical one, which is inspired by the Temple of Heaven in Beijing about 500 years ago. The exquisite techniques also helps to bring a sense of quality of the tea.

Sunflower Seeds by TIGER PAN

Sunboy Gift Box Sunflower Seeds by TIGER PAN The logo displayed in the middle of this gifted box is vividly telling people who is the Sunboy. The packaging picture can use an oil painting style to depict Sunboys running happily in the sunflower field. The fresh sunflower makes consumers feel vitality, and the bright yellow also makes the packaging more eye-catching. The inner pot of sunflower seeds adopts bulge technology, which makes the pot more exquisite.

Chinese Highend Spirits by TIGER PAN

Yi Xin Distillation Chinese Highend Spirits by TIGER PAN The design inspiration of Drangon which surrounded the bottleneck of Yixin Distillation shows how the ancient Chinese dynasty respected it. The brand successfully integrated the historical heritage into the modern era and share it with more people. The dragon sculpture at the bottleneck makes it unnecessary to label the wine bottle, and the strong and prominent features can be recognized by consumers at a glance.

Children Toothpaste by TIGER PAN

Yunnan Baiyao Children Toothpaste by TIGER PAN The cloud baby IP image created by combining the brand characteristics of Yunnan Baiyao can not only create unique emotional contact with consumers, but also establish communication between mother and baby. The packaging meets the requirements of horizontal and vertical shelf placement. The strawberry toothpaste box design can be assembled into a larger strawberry graphic symbol to form a more intuitive communication. The combination of pinyin and strawberry graphics in the background and the design of the brand is as easy as a child's painting.

Drip Coffee Packaging by TIGER PAN

Luckin 2.0 Drip Coffee Packaging by TIGER PAN The top five Luckin Coffee beans of the first generation were upgraded to the second which brought a specific image to consumers, Luckin Coffee displayed the origin of Africa, Yunnan(China), and more coffee-producing areas on the packaging. Local plants and animals are portrayed as eco-friendly scenes in the eyes of consumers. The new 2.0 series retains the original packaging information layout and maintains the familiarity of consumers with this product.

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