Nils Fischer

Nils Fischer studied Design at the Fachhochschule Potsdam and at the DesignCentre at the Swinbourne Universitiy of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. He worked as an intern for Gewerk and Kono and was later employed as a designer at the designcentre at Swinbourne. After his graduation in 2010 he worked as a freelance designer for different companies and design agencies before he was employed as an Art-Director.

In 2012, he moved to New York and initiated the colaborative Studio SAIA together with the Fine Artist Sandra Lange, working on light concepts and exploring the possibilities of glass in the context of Art in Architecture. Back in Berlin, in 2013, he became a founding member of Studio AFS with Andreas Albrecht and Ken Schröder. Studio AFS stands for development and Design in the field of Film and Photography equipment.

Besides his duties at Studio AFS he works as a free designer/ developer with a network of specialists in various fields for different customers and collaborations in his Lab Studio Nils Fischer.

His work won several awards and has been displayed at, for example, the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich and the Artweek in Hamburg.
Adapter System for professional filming by Nils Fischer

NiceDice Adapter System for professional filming by Nils Fischer The NiceDice-System is the first multifunctional adapter in the camera industry. It makes it quite enjoyable to attach equipment with different mounting standards from different Brands – such as lights, monitors, microphones and transmitters - to ones camera in exactly the way they are needed to be according to the situation. Even new developing mounting standards or newly bought equipments can be easily integrated in the ND-System, just by getting a new Adapter.

Furniture Toy For Kids by Nils Fischer

Woof Furniture Toy For Kids by Nils Fischer Fantasyful circus act, adventurous globetrotting or a cosy cuddle session. The Woof-Squad buddies are animals to love and frolic around with. Their soft foam stuffing makes for a safe pal, even during the boldest juggling acts. The faithful frolic friends exist in either a stylish uni-colour or a cheerful jazzy design. All of them, however, are sent into the field with a tested and Oeko-Tex certified cover.

Headshell by Nils Fischer

Meliac Headshell by Nils Fischer Meliac is a artisan Headshell, handmade in Berlin with the best ingredients one could find for this purpose. An exotic wood meets pure metals, brought into shape. It will unfolds an incredible naturalistic and lively soundscape on the customers turntable - but even more important: it looks good. Some features are Gold-plated SME connectors, OFC–cables and it weights only 8 gram.

Follow Focus Ad-On by Nils Fischer

ND Lens Gear Follow Focus Ad-On by Nils Fischer The ND LensGear precisely adjusts selfcentered to lenses with different diameters. The ND LensGear Series covers all lenses out like no other available LensGear. No Cutting and no Bending: No more screw drivers, worn out belts or annoying remainders of straps that stick out. Everything fits like a charm. And another plus, its Tool-Free! Thanks to its clever design it centers itself gently and firmly around the lens.

Lamp by Nils Fischer

Aero Postale Lamp by Nils Fischer The Aero Postale is a lampseries, made out of one piece of lasercutted and powder coated alloy. The simple production method makes it an affordable and environment friendly object. Its available as a table lamp, a wall lamp version and as a hanging pendant with 2, 3 and 4 flames. The contrasting colors of the lamp of the body and the cord, highlight its interface: the switch. The simplicity of the shape reminds of an unfolding envelope of a love letter, giving way to the light and warmth of loved ones.

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Nils Fischer

Nils Fischer is IAD member since 2018, with 10150 IAD rating.
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