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The architectural concept matrixX architectures has been developed by the architect Peter Stasek and represents an innovative concept for architecture projects taking into account organic shapes and natural structures. Next to the progressive materials, the digital fabrication is amongst the most important creative components. The aim of this project development is not only to illustrate the materialized finished forging but also the process of idea transformation. Thus, the information of the early development stage (invisible for every viewer) and its way to realisation via several media sources will be documented and finally presented as indispensable part of the finished design. For this purpose, AR (Augmented Reality), holographic projections for visual space and structure expansion as well as audio and video surrounding concepts will be included, amongst others. The attempt to disarm the definition of borders in terms of time and space should give every viewer the possibility to explore one’s own perception boundaries. The functional implementation of the projects is marked by an individual building and interior design and substantially contributes to the corporate identity of the company in the form of corporate architecture. The most important clients of matrixX architectures by Peter Stasek comprise multinational groups from the fields of new business development, biotechnology and lighting industry, operators of healthcare facilities, shops, shopping malls and others. Another project line is the development of facilities for renewable energies and environmentally friendly waste management. The creative main features of the projects of matrixX architectures by Peter Stasek are environmental soundness, steadiness and sustainability. The architectural projects by Peter Stasek have globally been presented on numerous architectural and design platforms and published by international publishing houses.
Wine Testing Facility by Peter Stasek

Grapevine House Wine Testing Facility by Peter Stasek Grapevine House in form of an abstract grape, which is almost free pending about the vineyard. His main supporting element generated by a digital fabricated column represent a homage to an old grapevine root. The continuos glas front of the Grapevine House is open in all directions and enables the immediate landscape experience of the vineyard. A visual taste enhancement of all testing wines should be granted in this manner.

lighting exhibition and shop by Peter Stasek

Light Design Center Speyer, Germany lighting exhibition and shop by Peter Stasek The showroom of the new Light Center Speyer, situated in a factory building, was to be designed as exhibition space, consulting area and meeting place. Here, a frame generating interior design synergy effects was to be created for all latest light trends, technologies and light designs. Its sophisticated structure was to build the backbone of the entire light exhibition, but at the same time was never to overshadow the priority of the lighting objects to be exhibited. For this purpose, nature created a unifying shape as inspiration: the „twister“, a natural phenomenon with invisible forces...

corporate architecture concept by Peter Stasek

ajando Next Level C R M corporate architecture concept by Peter Stasek ajando Loft Concept: Information Is the Building Material of Our Universe. A very unusual loft has been created in the Mannheim harbor district, Germany. The complete ajando team will live and work there starting in January 2013. The architect Peter Stasek and the loftwerk architect office located in Karlsruhe are behind the corporate architecture concept of the loft. It was inspired by the quantum physics of Wheeler, the architecture of Josef M. Hoffmann and, of course, the information expertise of ajando:"Information Makes the World Go Round". Text by Ilona Koglin free journalist

therapy-lounge for dental beauty  by Peter Stasek

Dental INN therapy-lounge for dental beauty by Peter Stasek The project "Dental INN" has been designed as a dental facility in form of a therapy-lounge for dental beauty in Viernheim / Germany. The project represents a new concept of interior design for dental practices themed "healing effects of organic shapes and natural structures" and was mainly developed for Dr Bergmann, an international accredited implant dentist. In addition to dental treatments such as veneers and bleaching, Dr Bergmann and his team provide, amongst other things, symposia on implantology for numerous young dental surgeons from Europe, Asia and Africa.

Corporate Architecture Concept by Peter Stasek

Pharmacy Gate 4D Corporate Architecture Concept by Peter Stasek The creative concept is based on the combination of material and immaterial components, which together create a media platform. The centre point of this platform is characterized by an oversized bowl as a symbol for an abstract alchemy goblet above which a holographic diagram of a floating DNA strand is projected. This DNA hologram, which in fact represents the slogan „A Promise for Life“, rotates slowly and suggests the easiness of life of a symptom-free human organism. The rotating DNA hologram not only represents the flow of life but also the relationship between light and life itself.

Loft Farming Tower by Peter Stasek

Floating Nests Loft Farming Tower by Peter Stasek The Loft London Farm Tower in the form of an imaginary gigantic tree in whose artificial crown two big loft formations are placed as floating nests. The vision of an unprecedented zest for life (joie de vivre) while, at the same time, utilising the entire Metropolitan logistics. The "floating nest concept" is based on a high exploitation of the air space above the respective plot of land in connection with a minimal impact on the available plot area. The main utilization of all nest levels is defined as a mixture of vertical farming and inhabitable loft areas.

Champagne Bar by Peter Stasek

Bar du Seine Champagne Bar by Peter Stasek The Champagne glasses move together and melt into one seamless entity just like people’s souls after Champagne tasting. The Champagne River Bar serves as a transformation of an unfathomable event into the material world in form of an organic shaped glass pavilion. The glass walls appear to be a hybrid form, capturing simultaneously the expressive essence of both liquids and solids. Here, a journey of knowledge begins with the Seine at one’s feet which, at dusk, shines in all its glory – an obvious gesture of a poet raising a toast to the city’s unmistakable skyline.

Desert Resort Development by Peter Stasek

D.Butterfly Resort Desert Resort Development by Peter Stasek The „Desert Butterfly Resort“ is intended as an artificial oasis which can be situated in every desert landscape that leaves the nature as untouched as possible. Lived-in sculpture based predominantly on air, which seams to be lost in an endless sand ocean. This type of architecture provides a new interpretation of the old human assimilation into the desert.

skyscraper by Peter Stasek

Wind Tower skyscraper by Peter Stasek The concept "Wind Tower" represents a kind of skyscraper which is shaped by tsunami and hurricane masses. The building structure itself pays homage to a wind-shaped cloud which is wrapped around a monolithic core. The entire form of the building make sure, that it captures the wind at its highest velocity as it accelerates around the tower. At the apex, where wind speeds at a maximum the two wind turbines are placed. Realization technology: 3D-sand printed facade patterns with integrated glass fronts, Carbon fiber reinforced polyamide for Down Wind Turbine casing.

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