IAD provides patronage and endorsement to events that are aligned with the mission of the IAD. Initiatives and events could be endorsed and provided patronage after evaluation only. Initiatives that are provided patronage and endorsement are given the ability to use the endorsement and patronage logos, and could further be granted public communication services but do not gain monetary benefits. 

To apply for patronage or endorsement, interested parties could pay the “patronage application fees” to the treasurer to start the formal approval process which involves a review by the IAD. Only events that meet worldwide standards will be granted patronage and sponsorship. The application fee will not be refunded if the event is rejected, however guidelines will be provided to help the applicants to reach the endorsement criteria for international standards and a new review will be held within 6 weeks. The review process could take from to 2 to 6 weeks (8-12 weeks if application is initially rejected).

Events that have been priory endorsed by the IAD could apply for “endorsement renewal” instead. The “patronage application fee” and the “endorsement renewal” fee could be inquired from the IAD secretary. Members are granted sixty percent reduction on these fees. For endorsed parties, upon request and prior agreement, IAD could also provide conference speakers, award jurors, mediators or independent observers or support the endorsed parties for finding partners.

Endorsement for philanthropic events: Non-profit events and incentives organized by non-profit or private associations (that do not require membership fees, and that organize events that are free of charge to participate and open for public) could request to have the endorsement fees waived or significantly reduced. In this case, a “philanthropic event endorsement application form” should be paid. The form will be sent to interested parties upon request.  The form includes detailed eligibility conditions and stacking discount tiers per each condition, potentially reaching a 100% reduction for the endorsement fees.

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