Organizational structure of the IAD is divided into three branches: Executive Branch, Member Branch and Honorary Branch. Executive Branch, also called the Board of IAD is an elected branch that is responsible for accomplishing the mission of the IAD with the help of the Member Branch. Applications are open for both Executive and Member Branch of the IAD based on A’ Design Award winner status, A’ Design Award laureates could apply for both Executive Branch and the Member Branch free of charge. Furthermore, there are no yearly fees. A' Design Award is chosen as the method to filter applications and to measure design merit since not only it is scientifically organized in all creative and industrial design categories, but A' Design Award and Competition is actually the only international juried design competition that also allows participants from any country with great design talent to take part in the competition free of charge. Membership to Honorary Branch is also free however not open to individual applications, to become an honorary member, an existing IAD member shall propose their membership to IAD board who would propose or nominate them for Lifetime Design Achievement (LDA), Design Excellence (DE) or Outstanding Contribution to Design (OCD) levels. Within the proposals, a select number of memberships for Honorary Members shall be approved by the board, president and coordinator.

Executive Branch Structure
  1. President of IAD
  2. Vice President of IAD
  3. IAD Board Members
  4. IAD Coordinator

Honorary Branch Structure

  1. LDA Award Recipients
  2. DE Award Recipients
  3. OCD Award Recipients


Member Branch Structure
  1. IAD Emeritus Presidents
  2. IAD Emeritus Vice-Presidents
  3. IAD Emeritus Board Members
  4. IAD Lifelong Members
  5. IAD Professional Members
  6. IAD Advisory Members
  7. Full members
  8. Apprentices
  9. Prospective Members
  10. Retired members.

Executive Branch Members are expected to have following qualities: 1. Person-Centered: They respect other members. 2. Supportive: They are helpful to members and more willing to defend them against criticism from third parties. 3. Democratic: They hold frequent meetings with members to solicit their views and encourage participation. 4. Flexible: They allow members to accomplish their goals in their own way whenever possible, consistent with the goals of the IAD. 5. Mentors: They emphasize quality, provide clear directions, and give timely feedback to members who need help.

Executive Branch Members are required to follow the following codes of conduct: 1. Commit to ethical, cooperative, and lawful conduct, including proper use of authority. 2. Disclose any membership or power positions with other organizations. 3. Avoid conflict of interest with respect to their responsibilities and qualification as an Executive Branch Member.

Executive Branch Members have the following authorities: 1. To hold events for IAD. 2. To provide non-financial patronage or endorsements on behalf of the IAD. 3. Moderate and organize networking events, meetings, and conferences of the IAD. 4. Moderate IAD forums. 5. Access contact information of IAD members. 6. Reach IAD members through public communication or request news release and newsletter services. 7. Vote for IAD president and vice-president. 8. Designate issues as confidential or sensitive during IAD meetings. 9. Reduce fees for IAD patronage and IAD membership.

Members are expected to obey the following rules: 1. IAD members need to be respectful of other IAD members. Flaming or abusing users in any way will not be tolerated and will lead to a warning. 2. Members are asked to not disclose the private contact information to any 3rd party, board, or list any private contact information of other members, under any condition. If you feel the need to share contact information of a IAD member with a non-member, you should have explicit written permission of the member before you could share any information. 3. Members are asked to "follow" Executives and support their events and initiatives when possible. 4. Members are not asked to act as "Executives". If members note an issue which contravenes something in the IAD or IAD members they are welcome to bring it to the attention of a member of the Executive Board. Please do not contact other members yourself or act as "Executives". Members who constantly "act" as "Executives" may be warned. 5. IAD follows a three strike policy. Members will be warned a maximum of three times for any and all offences in a three month period. If the need arises for a fourth warning a temporary restriction will be put in place of between 1 to 7 days. If warnings continue, the member could be forcefully retired. Arguing with "Executives" after having received a warning will lead to an immediate additional warning. Members who feel they have been unfairly warned are welcome to contact the "Coordinator". 6. Members are not to represent the IAD to the public, press or other entities unless clearly given such authority by the Executive Board. 7. Members must be philanthropic in their nature.

Honorary Members are exceptional individuals or companies who contributed to design significantly. There are three groups of honorary branch members. 1. Lifetime Design Achievement Award Recipient Members: Extraordinary people,  world-class visionaries of design who have contributed significantly to the development and advancement of creative industries and design disciplines in their country as well as internationally. LDA Recipients are automatically enrolled to be honorary members of IAD. LDA Award proposals are made by the executive board and must pass approval from the advisory board. 2. Design Excellence Award Recipient Members: Designers, artists and creative who are pioneering and advancing good design practices in their country by original contributions to the state of art with their creative work. Proposed by the president, and approved by executive board or the coordinator. 3. Outstanding Contribution to Design Award Recipient Members: These are companies, brands or institutions who have contributed to the design discipline by pioneering good design practices and principles in their operations worldwide. These entities must also be supporting designers and creative people, honoring their in-house design teams as well as they should take part in activities and collaboration with local designers to promote them. Proposed by the IAD president, approved by executive board or coordinator.

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