Francesco Ragazzi

Francesco Ragazzi, after his degree at Politecnico di Milano, University of Architecture, he went to London where he gained various experiences at important architectural practices namely Burland TM and Foster and Partners where he worked in particular on large-scale mixed use developments, stadia and residential buildings, such as Milano Santa Giulia (Foster and Partners), West Kowloon Masterplan (Foster and Partners), Harlequins Rugby Stadium (Burland TM) e Falcon Wharf (Burland TM). In 2003 he has created, together with his father Giancarlo, the associate architectural firm Ragazzi and Partners. Ragazzi and Partners’s work covers a wide range of areas as listed below: Large scale mixed-use developments: - Piano di Ricostruzione di S.Giuliano di Puglia - Area Isotta-Fraschini in Saronno - Spina 3 – Vitali in Turin - Variante del Piano Attuativo Malaspina in Pioltello - Centro Residenziale Integrato “Porto Nuovo” in Rome - Porto Turistico “Riva Imperiale” in Fiumicino - Piano Casa in Milano Stadia and Sport and Leisure Center: - Piano di Ricostruzione di S.Giuliano di Puglia - Renovation of San Siro Stadium in Milan - A.C. Milan Training Center in Carnago - Sport Center in Carnago - Sport and Leisure Center in Castelvetro Renovation of historical buildings: - “La Scala” Temporary Museum - Palazzo Busca in Milano - Collegio San Carlo new Library in Milano Interior and product design: - San Siro Stadium Executive Lounge - San Siro Stadium Skyboxes - San Siro Stadium Changing Rooms - A.C. Milan HQ Renovation - Collegio San Carlo new library, - Shuttle Chair and Futura Chair for Linosonego

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Francesco Ragazzi
Residenza Archi 16 - Milano 2
P: +39 0245487822
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