IAD is a worldwide organization of leading designers, artists, architects, craftsman and creatives. The motto of the IAD is design to advance and benefit mankind. IAD is not a nonprofit association, rather it has been perceived as an international, non-governmental, non-partisan, independent, private club that offers benefits to its members who share the common missions and goals of the organization.

History of IAD
IAD, the International Association of Designers was founded by an advisory board with an academic background on strategic design and advanced design which covers topics such as multidisciplinary design studies that cover knowledge and research on areas such as design of complex systems, designs for social benefits and design of mechanisms or networks. Thus, the IAD was created as an international, non-governmental, non-partisan, independent, private club which differentiates from other design associations significantly. Primary differences include: Free Membership, Exclusive / Merit Based Member Application, International and Open Structure.

Unique Properties
Primary difference of IAD in comparison to design associations include: Free Membership, Exclusive and Merit Based Member Application, International and Independent Structure.

Mission of IAD

  1. Caring for, nourishing, developing, and enhancing society through IAD initiatives.
  2. Facilitate knowledge dissemination between IAD members; share wisdom and science.
  3. Facilitate networking and public relations for its members; advocate, market and advertise fellows.
  4. Define and increase awareness of international standards and best practices in members' fields.
  5. Be the international independent authority trusted by its members and society.
Vision of IAD
  1. To create a better world through IAD initiatives that provides positive returns to society.
  2. To create wise and informed members that is able and powerful to achieve the philanthropic goals.
  3. To help fellow members gain recognition, respect and awareness through wisdom exchange.
  4. To help creation of international standards to improve quality of life of the society.
  5. Be an international independent association that leads the society towards a better future.
Action of IAD
  1. Create and maintain new philanthropic and educational events and incentives; conferences, symposiums, lectures, schools and accolades etc. for development of scientific fields and society.
  2. Push philanthropic members forward in the organizational structure.
  3. Provide and create tools to help members to reach individuals, clients and society at large.
  4. Create, define and increase awareness of international standards with members' helps.
  5. Partake in international events and initiatives of other philanthropic organizations.

World Design Hub - WDH Designation
The World Design Hub designation recognizes the collective design achievements of a city and highlights the designated city as a pioneer of design. The World Design Hub designation provides a unique opportunity for featured cities to pull, push and promote innovative initiatives to support society, to create positive economic benefits and social results. World Design Hub initiative also pulls design tourists and contributes to the economic life in the city. The ultimate purpose of the World Design Hub initiative is to organize dozens of high-quality, publicly open design events within a short time in a very focused region; a city, in order to create a critical level of awareness in the society, to push forward development of design, technology, arts and science in the designated region. Each year, a different city is highlighted as a part of the World Design Hub initiative. Learn more about the World Design Hub initiative at http://www.worlddesignhub.com

IAD Roundtable Meetings
The IAD Roundtable meetings are held worldwide as part of World Design Hub event as well as by invitation from governments or local organizations. The IAD Roundtable meetings bring prominent design professionals, scholars and strategists and cover discussion on design on topics of: 1) Design & Economic Growth, 2) Design Value, 3) Relevance of Design to Society, 4) Design Events Organization, 5) National Policies for Design, 6) Design Education, 7) Creation of Design Councils, 8) Establishment of Design Centers, 9) Design Incubators, 10) Government Initiatives for Design, 11) Using Design to Improve Welfare, 12) Using Design to Ignite and Support Economy, 13) Supporting National Designers, 14) Future Collaboration Possibilities, 15) Envisioning Design Education, 16) Planning Design Initiatives, 17) Building National Design Vision, 18) Design Museums, 19) Networking Companies and Designers, 20) Cultural Exchange and more. The IAD Roundtable meetings are hosted by the inviting countries or associations.

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